Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Scene: I'm giving Prell a ride back to his car from the bar a bunch of us were at. I'm attempting to make small-talk, be helpful, the usual. Within less than three minutes of being in my car, I was privy to the following:Prell: My GPA and LSAT score are so high, I'm guaranteed to be in the top 10% here.Me: (long pause) Oh?Prell: Yeah, there's basically no way I won't be in the top 10%.Me: (silence)Prell: And when you combine that with my work experience*, there's no way I won't be at the top of my class.Me, thinking: It's gonna be real hard for you to be at the top of the class after I push you out of my moving car.*His work experience consists of 1 year of IT. He's actually younger than me (I'm 23).